ESPC Wasteland Server Rules

Read these rules before you join the servers

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ESPC Wasteland Server Rules

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1. A player breaking rules is not an excuse for you to break rules

If you find someone breaking the rules please create a thread on the forums, with an appropriate screenshot or supporting evidence if at all possible.

2. Do not argue with an admin in game

If you disagree with something you may create a thread about it here.

3. All punishments are at the discretion of the admins

All admins are free to determine applicable punishment. If you wish to appeal any bans you can do so by creating a thread on the forums.

4. No excessive vulgar language or racism

Although swearing is allowed, racist words are not allowed and will result in a temporary ban. Any player deemed by the admins to be overly abusive or making real life threats will be temporarily or permanantly banned.

5. No VOIP in global channel

Using microphone chat in global is not allowed! Excessive breaking of this rule will result with action. The punishment will be at the discretion of the admin on duty.

6. You are not allowed to utilize any program, script or engine bugs that modifies the game to gain an advantage for yourself or other players

Cheating is explicitly FORBIDDEN in ESPC Wasteland servers! You are not allowed to use any program, script or engine settings that modifies the game to gain an advantage for yourself or other players. This includes but not limited to duping, using time manipulating programs and exploiting. Exploits include deploying respawn beacons where other player could not unpack, entering parts of buildings that other players can not enter, killing enemy players (except prisoners) using lifted base parts or attached vehicles and using FOV glitches to see beyond walls. Breaking this rule will get you permanently banned!

7. No team-killing

Team killing of any kind is not allowed!

8. No stealing friendly assets

Those who repeatedly steal assets from teammates will be banned.

9. No sabotaging friendly bases

Anyone found “sabotaging” friendly bases will receive a ban (for repeated offences with the exclusion of the Independent Faction).

10. Base Building

Bases must be built at least 500 meters from the gun store outer ring. Infractions will be handled at the admins discretion which can be, but are not limited to, a kick or ban.

11. Stream Sniping/Following

Anyone found to be “Stream Sniping” while streamers are present on servers will receive a ban, streamers promote our mission and some make a living from it, go elsewhere to troll.

* If you wish to appeal a ban or have any questions please create a thread on the forums

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