1.48 hotfix RC patch

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1.48 hotfix RC patch

帖子作者: Administrator » 2015-7-24 09:27

Bohemia Interactive has released a RC patch to address the FPS drop bug. The patch is MP-compatible with main branch 1.48. Please switch to the RC branch and test it.

In order to switch to the RC Branch, follow these steps:

Step 1. Right click on Arma 3 in your steam library
Step 2. Select Properties
Step 3. Go to Betas tab
Step 4. Enter the password Arma3Test148RC
Step 5. Click "Check Code" button
Step 6. Select the relevant RC from the drop down list
Step 7. Wait for update files to DL and patch
Step 8. Launch Arma 3

When you finish testing or when the main branch patch comes out, switch back to NONE branch.

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