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Donation Guidline

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In order to cover the server cost, we are releasing a donation schedule, which will entitle you to spawn with a custom loadout every time you are a new spawn.

Our donation perks has been approved by Bohemia Interactive!

Please utilise the below button to Submit Donations.

With a donation of $10 per month, you are able to choose for yourself a loadout from 9 available options below (open images in new window to enlarge):

1) Officer A

2) Jacket

3) Racer

4) Helicopter Pilot

5) Jet Pilot

6) Spec Ops

7) Officer_B

8) Policeman

9) Terrorist

What you will get other than the default loudout:

  • A uniform that differs from the default one
  • A vest that has the same capacity as the default vest
  • A backpack that has the same capacity as the default one
  • A goggle or a headgear or both, depending on which loadout you choose
  • Painted camos on your uniform, vest, or backpack, depending on which loadout you choose *
  • A silencer for the default pistol Rook-40 (mounted on the gun) Unfortunately, this is giving donators an advantage over non-donators, which is against BI's monetization rules. Hence it has been removed.
Note: * Painted camos will be lost after you disconnect from the server or switch sides. Since Oct. 18th, 2015, painted camos has become persistent (will be saved like other weapons/kits).

Due to engine restrictions, not all of the above uniforms and backpacks will be obtainable through the general stores. Some uniforms can not be picked up by anybody (including yourself) once they are taken off. All the other items are all obtainable through in-game stores.

How to order

  • Choose a custom loadout
  • Donate by clicking on the button on the top of the post.
  • Send a PM to me with details of what custom loadout you require and all other details that is relevant to the donation, such as transaction ID, amount, your in-game nickname and your BattlEye GUID (The last 8 digits will do)

  • Generally, I will apply your custom loadout within 24 hours after I receive your PM. If you are in the server when your custom loadout is being applied, you may need to reconnect to the server for it to take effect.
  • Your custom loadout will expire 31 days after it is applied.
  • Donations are only refundable for the first 24 hours after the initial donation is made, and if the donation itself has not been claimed.
  • Your custom loadout can only be used by yourself, which means you are not allowed to attribute it to another player.
  • If you decide to donate, your custom loadout can be removed from you without a refund upon valid reasoning i.e. Trolling, Cheating, Exploiting, Hacking.
  • This donation will NOT entitle you to breach of server rules. Any Bans incurred for failure to adhere to rules, will still be handed.

How to find your BattEye GUID

Connect to the server and type #beclient guid in chat (any channel will do).

All donations are greatly appreciated and will help with costs of maintaining, upgrading, and purchasing servers.

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